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Guitar performance at the music festival

Strum Your Way Through the Canadian Guitar Festival

Are you looking to rock out the summer? Well, the Canadian Guitar Festival is for rockstars like you! The three-day festival celebrates the joy of playing and listening to stringed instruments.
The Canadian Guitar Festival celebrates guitar music and performance and showcases Canadian-made guitars. This festival has an incredible lineup of activities and routines to keep you strumming all weekend.
So, if you are ready to test your skills against the best guitarists in Canada, you need to learn all you can about the event; keep reading as we dive deep into what makes…

Music Festival Packing List: What Should be in Your Bag

Every year, music lovers worldwide gather in different locations to bond over the shared love for music. And it’s fun! Canada is one of the best countries for large music festivals. There’s lots of dancing and listening to great music and hanging out with friends and new people. But of course, festivals can also be quite exhausting; the unpredictable weather, the crowd, the long hours of standing that makes you wish you had one of those …

Montreal Jazz Music Festival

Titled as the world’s biggest jazz music festival, the Montreal Jazz fest boasts some of the best jazz performances in Canada for 40 plus years.
This music festival is a 10-day event that includes cost-free outdoor concerts in both its outdoor and indoor venues.
Given that the festival is held in a French-speaking city, the festival offers a strong connection to France. Additionally, this festival also showcases many French performers along with a vast lineup of jazz performances from artists across North America….

Ever After Music Fest

The Ever After Music fest is one of the largest electronic bass music events in North America and probably across the world. This music fest is held at Kitchener in Ontario and is one of the most awaited festivals in the country each year.
The festival has undoubtedly grown substantially in the bass music scene over the years. The event showcases a big-time bass lineup; thus, guests are expected to be welcomed in a loud and energetic atmosphere.
This music festival welcomes all electronic and bass music lovers….

North by NorthEast

North by NorthEast is an art and music fest that is held every year in June in the city of Toronto, Canada. The festival mainly focuses on live music and it also includes comedy, eSports tournaments, a flea market, conversations series, and so much more.
The festival is typically held at different venues and it also offers free events at the largest street in Canada which is Yonge Street.
The festival is made possible by a dedicated team of staff together with 1000 plus festival operations volunteers….

Ottawa Bluesfest

The Ottawa Bluesfest is an outdoor music festival held annually in downtown Ottawa. This music festival generally centers around blues but recently, it has also branched out to several other music genres including rock, mainstream pop, reggae, as well as hip hop.
The Ottawa Bluesfest started its first edition around 20 years ago and it has become Canada’s largest blues music festival. The event has substantially grown over the years and has become one of the biggest highlights in Canada’s summer season….