Top 5 Canadian Music Festivals You Need to Witness

Canada is home to numerous music festivals and here are five you should not miss.

Shambhala Music Festival

Shambhala is considered one of the best music festivals in Canada. This event offers top-notch talent, and astonishing lights and music. This music festival has been one of the most sought after gatherings in the country.

Snowbombing Canada

The Snowbombing festival in Canada is a week-long outdoor event which welcomes guests to an array of spectacular bands and brilliant DJs. This music festival is held at the Sun Peaks in British Columbia.

Vield Music Festival

The Vield music festival is a two-day gathering wherein participants can enjoy non-stop electronic music. World-class DJs such as Major Lazer, Tiesto, as well as W&W have participated in one of the previous Vield music festival editions in Canada.

Contact Winter Music Festival

This music festival is held once a year in the city of Vancouver, Canada. Contact Winter is Canada’s biggest indoor party that offers some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Dreams Festival

The Dreams festival welcomes participants to a 19 plus boutique music festival experience. This electronic music festival is held at Echo beach in Toronto, Canada.


Make the most of your stay in Canada by experiencing some of the best music festivals in the country.

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