The 5 Largest Music Festivals in Canada

Planning on going to a music festival this year? Here are five of Canada’s current biggest music festivals.

Celtic Colours Festival in Nova Scotia

Hosted at Cape Breton Island, the Celtic Colours festival in Nova Scotia is a music festival in Canada you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.

Montreal Jazz Festival in Quebec

This event is the biggest jazz music festival not just in Canada but worldwide. This festival boasts over a thousand concerts that are participated by over 3,000 performers around the world.

Sourdough Rendezvous Music Festival in Yukon

The Sourdough Rendezvous music festival in Yukon is probably the craziest music festival Canada has to offer. The event involves dance performances, ax-throwing, as well as chainsaw chucking.

Winnipeg Folk Music Festival in Manitoba

This five-day music festival welcomes you to a combination of alt-country, traditional folk, blues, gospel, and many other music genres.

Osheaga Music and Arts Festival in Quebec

The Osheaga music and arts festival is a multi-day event that offers national, local, and international talents including Coldplay, Eminem, Arcade Fire, and so much more.


Now that you know the five largest music festivals in Canada, it’s about time you planned which ones you and your friends will go to.

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