Compilation of Best Songs About Vaping

Best Songs About Vaping

Vaping and smoking are habits some people find soothing and relaxing. There are more news about Vaping that its overall ecstatic experience gives inspiration for singers, and composers in the music industry to create songs that describe its pleasures. These songs may not be solely dedicated to vaping itself as it also seeks to represent something other than that effectively.

Here are some compilations of the top songs that talk about vaping:


        The Buzz by Hermitude


This beat elicits a gangster vibe with a little bit of an electric feel. Its bass is excellent for people who are fond of head-bobbing while enjoying the music’s momentary flow. You can listen to this as you exhale the enormous vape clouds into the air and bop your head with the sound of the beat. 


        Misty Morning by Bob Marley


Bob Marley is usually the first artist to come out in people’s minds when they think about smoking. His Misty Morning song’s beat allows people to easily vibe and immerse themselves in this music’s calypso, bright mood.


Its lyrics seem in-depth, and speaking about its philosophical context, it truly is meaningful. Listeners have to take time to analyze it a bit to get its entire essence.


        Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple


This is one of the best rock classics. It is said to be inspired by a tragic fire that happened at the Zappa Frank concert in the Montreux casino. This song also features a monotonous and steady tempo. The well-known riff in the entire song is a brilliant set up for a vaping session.


        Get Off My Cloud by Rolling Stones


This music is excellent for a “me” time vaping session because it gives out an attitude that encourages isolation and inner peace. The title itself represents keeping people away or dismissing someone in your life and choosing to be alone. This song is a rocking choice for vapers who prefer to be unbothered by society, especially when they’re smoking or “making clouds.”


        Green Grass Vapors by Angie Stone


This music is perfect for people who love vaping and who want to relax through vaping. Many people vape to chill, and this song is for them because it literally talks about the beautiful experience the singer might have felt when smoking. Thus, it sets a perfect mood for a vape chill session. Start immersing yourself in its mesmerizing rhythm and vibe with its relatable message.


        Vapour Trails by Ride


This music is a light-spirited alt-rock track perfect to be played by a vaping clique. English artists, Ride sing this, and this band uses innovative instruments that send out ecstasy from its very first note. Listen to this song while you are vaping with friends as you create your own trails of vapors.


        Stay Strapped by Ham$ta


The meaning of this song explicitly focuses on how much Ham$ta, the singer, enjoys smoking through vape. He mentions how his homies genuinely love vaping and staying strapped. The artist also encourages and promotes vape moderation and proper usage.

Final Words

These vaping songs may either be listened to alone or with people who can complement your feelings. The only important thing is you can enjoy the moment and release your spirit like how you release the smoke freely into the air. I hope you would love one of these songs and recommend it to your friends as well.


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