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The Top Five Canadian Festivals You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

If you are planning on going to a festival in Canada, below are some of the best and most popular ones you might be interested in.
Sled Island Festival
This five-day festival is held annually in over 30 venues across Calgary. Sled Island is essentially an art and music festival and is one of the largest events in Canada.
Osheaga Festival
The Osheaga festival was created to bring in a large European-style gathering in Canada. The festival is well-renowned for always bringing brilliant line-ups of performers into the Ile Sainte-Helene’s shores every summer.
Bass Coast Festival
This …

Top 5 Canadian Music Festivals You Need to Witness

Canada is home to numerous music festivals and here are five you should not miss.
Shambhala Music Festival
Shambhala is considered one of the best music festivals in Canada. This event offers top-notch talent, and astonishing lights and music. This music festival has been one of the most sought after gatherings in the country.
Snowbombing Canada
The Snowbombing festival in Canada is a week-long outdoor event which welcomes guests to an array of spectacular bands and brilliant DJs. This music festival is held at the Sun Peaks in British Columbia.
Vield Music Festival
The Vield music festival …